Springport Township Budget Meeting

March 14th, 2016

The annual budget meeting for the Springport Township was called to order by Supervisor Schmidt on the 14th of March, 2016 at 6:30 pm in the Township Hall. Board Members present were; Sebastian, Losey, Mitchell, Schmidt and Keeler. After final review of the proposed 2016-17 budget Sebastian moved to accept the 2016-17 proposed budget, Mitchell supported the budget and the motion passed unanimously.

Dena Keeler,


Springport Township Budget Meeting

March 14, 2016

The Springport Township regular board meeting was called to order by the Supervisor at 7:00 pm March 14th at the Township Hall. All Board members were present and the Pledge of Allegiance was recited. We had 2 guests present.

Chief Luce gave the police report. Officers spent about 22 hours at the schools during February. Chief Luce attended a winter Chief’s conference in Grand Rapids, and reported it was very educational. We have sworn in Chad Russell as a new Officer, he has been training this past month and is now ready to go. Body cameras for the police officers have been ordered. Sebastian moved to send Chief Luce to the summer chief’s conference in June, motion supported by Mitchell and it carried.

County Commissioner Lightner was on hand to give the Commissioner’s report. There should be an increase in County revenue this year. County Commissioners have been working on the 2016-17 budget and long term plans for the Jackson County Fairgrounds. Sebastian moved to accept the minutes of Feb. 8th as presented, Mitchell supported the motion and it passed.

The Treasurer’s report was given by Losey. General fund checking has a balance of $135,182.06, police account has a balance of $146,413.08 and fire account has $102,568.34. The motion to approve the treasurer’s report for audit was presented by Sebastian and supported by Mitchell, motion passed.

Sebastian moved to allow Losey to separate fire equipment and fire operating accounts, and have two checking accounts; motion supported by Mitchell and it was approved. Sebastian moved to close COPS account and transfer remaining money into police account, Mitchell supported the motion and it carried.

Sebastian moved to approve payment of police post audit bills of $5,854.12 and general fund bills in the amount of $164.36, Schmidt supported the motion and it passed by all board members.

Sebastian moved to amend budget by decreasing 101-171-900, printing by $25.00, and 101-171-958, dues by $25.00 and increasing 101-171-704, d. supervisor by $25.00 and 101-171-726 office supplies by $25.00, increase building permit revenue by $3,000, and increasing building wages by $3,000.00, in the police account decrease health insurance by $1,200.00 and add to utilities $200.00 and increase telephone by $1,200, motion supported by Mitchell and it carried.


Sebastian moved to pay general fund bills in the amount of $13,489.46, police bills of $6,297.67 and approve fire bills of $19,627.40, Mitchell supported the motion and it passed unanimously.

Committee Reports: Planning committee did not meet, they will meet the first week of April, nor did the police administration board, fire board will meet on March 21.

Assessor/Supervisor report- BOR is meeting with public concerns and complaints Monday and Tuesday. Schmidt will take the Village Ordinance requests to the planning commission for their review. The meeting with the State Assessor went well, a few minor corrections to be made. A request come in for information to build a “RV” park in the township, this information will also be turned over to the Planning Commission for review.

Unfinished Business: Schmidt will contact White and Hotchkiss to find out how he is coming on the housing ordinances that were sent to him some time ago.

Sebastian will meet with JDOT and continue to try and set up road work repair.

New Business: Mitchell moved to accept bids from J. Underhill for hall maintenance for the 2016-17 year for $3,600.00 and the bid for cemetery mowing and maintenance from Francis Artz for $4,500.00, supported by Sebastian and it passed.

Sebastian moved to approve the following resolutions; 3-16- General Fund Depositor, 4-16- Cost of processing small tax bills, 5-16- waive interest and penalty on winter taxes, 6-16- General appropriations act, 7-16 – certified deposit, 8-16- resolution for meeting dates, and 9-16- adopt budgets and salaries, motion supported by Mitchell.

Supervisor Schmidt called for a roll call vote in which the following Board Members voted “aye”, Sebastian, Mitchell, Losey , Schmidt and Keeler, the Supervisor declared the resolutions adopted.

The fiscal year end meeting to finalize all bills will be held on March 30th, at 9:30 am.

Meeting adjourned at 8:00.

Dena Keeler,