Springport Township
March 10th, 2014

    The regular meeting of the Springport Township Board was called to order by Supervisor Schmidt at 7:00 pm in the Township Hall.  The Pledge of Allegiance was recited.  Board members present were; Betz, Schmidt, Mitchell and Keeler, Sebastian was absent.  We had two guests.  There was no public comment.
     The minutes of Feb. 10th, 2014 were approved with no additions or corrections.
      Betz gave the treasurer’s report.  General Fund checking account has a balance of $178,003.60, police account has $167,921.21, tax account has a balance of $41,794.38, and CD’s of $78,567.40, fire has a balance of $128,767.19.  Betz moved to accept the treasurer’s report for audit, motion supported by Mitchell and it passed.
Motion by Mitchell, supported by Betz to approve post audit police bills of $3,008.10, motion carried.
Mitchell moved to approve general fund post audit bills in the amount of $243.29, motion supported by Betz and it passed.
     A motion was made by Betz to approve the following amendments to balance the 2013-14budget;add$2,500.00 to 101-000-402, property taxes, and reduce board designated fund balance by $7,000.00, also add to 101-101-811, road construction $16,000.00, add $2,000.00 to 101-101-720, payroll taxes, add $55.00 to 101-171-726 office supplies, and deduct $55.00 from 101171-780 mileage, in addition add $300.00 to 101-265-921, utilities, reduce 101-371-702, inspection wages  by $2,500.00, reduce 101-721-763 by $450.00 and reduce 101-721-818,contracted services by $450.00.  To the Fire account add to current property tax 206-000-402 $51,100.00, increase budget transfer by $700.00, increase 206-000408, runs by $700.00, add to 206-000-675, Approp. Fund balance $40,900.00 and add to operating transfer in $15,000.00, add $200.00 to 206-333-702 wages, add $107,000.00 to 206-333-977, equipment and add to 206-333-801, runs $1,200.00.  For the Police account  increase property tax, 207-000-
402 by $ 2,000.00 and increase legal fees, 206-301-827, $1,000.00 and increase 207-301-919, health insurance by $1,000.00. This motion was supported by Mitchell and it carried.                                                      
Mitchell moved to pay general fund bills in the amount of $59,414.30, Betz supported and it passed unanimously.
Motion by Mitchell, supported by Betz to pay police bills of $8,628.50, all board members voted “aye”.
Mitchell moved to approve payment of fire bills in the amount of $15,697.88, motion supported by Betz, passed.
    Chief Luce gave the police report, officers spent approximately 20 hours at the school in Feb., Officer Carmoney has begun training for part-time officer position, and the “E-ticket” equipment has been installed and training  will be Mar. 12, the “E-crash” was also installed.
Committee Reports:
Police Administration will meet in May.
Planning Committee did not meet.
The Fire Board met for their budget meeting in Feb.  Chief Cox resigned as Fire Chief, and Gary Ott will be our new Chief.  Fire Board committee is still working on the “Police & Procedures” manual.
Assessors report by Schmidt.  BOR will be March 11th from 9-3 and on the 12th from 3-9.
Unfinished business ;
New Business:
      Keeler moved to accept F. Artz’s bid of $4,000.00 for mowing of the Pierson and & Griffith cemeteries for the 2014 year, motion supported by Betz and it passed.  Betz moved to accept J. Underhill’s bed for $ 300.00 per month for hall maintenance for the 2014-15 year, motion supported by Mitchell, and it carried.
     Schmidt moved to increase Treasurer’s salary to $15,000.00 per year, supported by Mitchell, Board members voting “aye”, were Schmidt, Mitchell, and Keeler, Betz vote “nay”, motion passed.  Motion by Betz to raise the yearly trustee’s salary to $100.00 per meeting, motion supported by Keeler,  board members voting “aye” were Betz, Keeler and Schmidt, Mitchell abstained.

Keeler moved to increase our building inspectors’ pay from $75.00 for monthly  retainer fee to $100.00 per month, motion supported by Schmidt, motion passed.  Betz moved to increase electrical inspector’s monthly retainer fee to $70.00, up from $ 45.00 per month, Mitchell supported the motion and it carried.  Motion by Betz, supported by Mitchell to increase the plumbing and mechanical inspector’s monthly retainer fee from $45.00 to $50.00 per month, motion passed.
     Motion was made and supported to set the budget hearing meeting  to adopt the 2014-15 fiscal year budget for Mon. March 24th at 12:30 pm.  Chief Luce’s contract will also be discussed at this meeting.
     Meeting adjourned at 7:55 pm.


Dena Keeler,
Township Clerk