Springport Township Board Meeting

June 10, 2019

 Springport Townships regular monthly meeting was called to order at 7:00pm, in the township hall on June 10, 2019.   

Board members present were Schmidt, Riehle, Mitchell, Marsh and Sebastian. Chief Luce was also present.  

The Pledge of Allegiance was recited.

County Commissioner-Not present

Public Comment- None

 * A motion was made by Mitchell to accept the May 13, 2019 minutes, supported by Sebastian and the motion passed.

Board Member Marsh gave the Treasurer’s report.  General Fund has a checking account balance of $383,735.28 Police checking has a balance of $296,397.70 and Fire Operating has a balance of $206,129.84 and Fire Equipment $37,030.71 

*Motion to approve the treasurer’s report for audit by Sebastian, supported by Mitchell and it carried.

Approval of Post Audit Bills:

BUDGET AMENDMENT: This is just a suggestion:

Decrease 207-301-939-000 Vehicle Maint by $1500

Increase 207-301-965-000 Uniforms by $1500

Discussion took place

*Motion to move $2000.00 from Fund Balance to 207-301-965-000 by Schmidt , supported by Marsh and it carried.

APPROVAL OF POST AUDIT BILLS:  General Fund:$138.52; Fire NA:  ; Police:$4,232.15

  • Total Post Audit Bills $4,370.67

*Sebastian moved to pay post audit bills, motion supported by Mitchell and it passed unanimously

APPROVAL OF CURRENT BILLS:  General Fund: $9,126.82;  Fire:NA;  Police: $4,960.57

  • Total Current Bills  $14,087.39

*Mitchell moved to pay current bills, motion supported by Sebastian and it passed unanimously.

Police Report:

-Chief Luce reported that Cain attended driving school

-Sgt. Cain attended LEIN TAC school

-Memorial Day parade went well without any problems

-May was a busiest month this year with calls

Road Report- Board member Sebastian reported that Holibaugh is getting redone from village limit to county line this year, Robbins Rd bridge will be back open soon, Pope Church Rd is pending.  

Supervisor/Assessor’s Report:

-Assessing contractor, CSZ Services was supposed to attend the meeting tonight was did not show.

-Treasurer and assessor balance - tax bills should be ready to print soon

-Assessor will pull the July Board of Review before tax bills go out.


-Township Clean-Up Day- went really well.  Modern Waste did a great job. Next year I.D’s will be required. Tentative date for next years clean up will be June 13th.    

-Riehle- Printer/Monitor- Riehle requested permission to purchase new monitors and printer.  

*Motion to approve up to $1000 for new printer and monitors for Riehle made by Sebastian, supported by Mitchell and it carried.

-Dan Kidd- after review of Ag Zoning, Mr. Kidd will be allowed to run an event center.   


  • Loren Cowles submitted his resignation from Springport Township Planning Commission due to health reasons on June 4, 2019

Board Member Comments:

Meeting Adjourned- 8:01pm



Jackie Riehle, Springport Township Clerk