Springport Township Board Meeting
June 12, 2017

 Springport Township’s regular monthly meeting was called to order at 7:00pm, in the township hall on June 12th, 2017.   Board members present were Losey, Riehle, Sebastian and Mitchell; Absent-Schmidt.  The Pledge of Allegiance was recited.
County Commissioner- Sarah Lightner brought flyers for the 2017 Jackson County Fair and also talked briefly about culvert replacements within the county. 
 *A motion was made by Mitchell to accept May 8, 2017 minutes, supported by Losey and the motion passed.
Losey gave the Treasurer’s report.  General fund has a balance of $199,038.18 in the checking account, police checking has a balance of $202,447.06, and fire operating has a balance of $138,312.09 and fire equipment $36,610.75
*Motion to approve the treasurer’s report by Riehle, supported by Mitchell and it carried.
Post Audit General Fund Bills for Approval
TOTAL: $ $3102.46

Fire Post Audit for Approval: N/A

TOTAL:     $20,574.79

*Motion by Mitchell to approve post audit bills supported by Losey and it passed unanimously.

TOTAL:  $8,836.24


Fire Bills for Approval:
TOTAL:     $19,675.00



Police Bills for Approval:

TOTAL: $14,070.17

*Mitchell moved to pay current bills, motion supported by Losey and it passed unanimously.

Budget Amendment- Riehle requested a budget amendment to balance Governing Body Printing and Publishing account.  Decrease Elections Printing and Publishing 101-262-900 by $50 and Increase Governing body Printing and Publishing 101-101-900 by $50.  *Motion made by Mitchell, supported by Losey to approve requested budget amendment, motion passed unanimously. 

Police Report- The new police car is in, Chief Luce is waiting on equipment to come in and graphics to be done.  Luce is expecting the car will be on the road mid July.  Officers spent 25 hours at the school during the month of May.  Memorial Day parade went well with no problems.  Officers have been busy with multiple reports of stolen property in the last couple of weeks.  Chief Luce reported that the suspects have been arrested.   
Committee Reports:
Planning Commission: No meeting this month
Fire Board– Meets June 19th
Supervisor/Assessor’s Report
                *Supervisor Absent


  • Township Cleanup/Tire Grant went great.

*Motion made by Mitchell to pay the Zach Betz, Luke Betz, Derek Keating and Matthew Riehle for working the cleanup day and loading tires at the amount of $10 per hour for 4 hours, supported by Losey and the motion carried.  

  • Dawn Greenhill-  Mrs. Greenhill is requesting to have a dog kennel at her home on Sibley Rd.  Riehle will contact Mrs. Greenhill and the county to discuss further steps. 


  • Springport Road Culvert – Quoted priced on the Springport Road Culvert is $43,015.91.  Township cost is $21,507.96 with an advance of $5,376.99. * Motion made by Mitchell to approve the replacement of the Springport Road Culvert and pay the $5,376.99 advance, supported by Riehle.  Roll call Yeas: Mitchell, Riehle, Sebastian, Losey; Nays: None; Absent: Schmidt
  • Roads- Jason Sebastian-Quotes were received on replacing portions of Town, Gibbs and Brown.  The amount needed far exceeds the Township’s financial abilities.  Sebastian is going to try to get quotes from the county to repair instead of replace. 
  • Homestead Bank- would like to change their liquor license for Tavern #265775 (Golf Course) to be reclassified to a Class C license.  *Motion made by Losey to authorize Homestead Band to reclassify their liquor license, supported by Mitchell. The motion passed unanimously.
  • Principles of Governance- Filed


  • Election Audit – June 19, 2017 @ 9:00am


Jackie Riehle, Springport Township Clerk