Springport Township Board Meeting

July 8, 2019

 Springport Townships regular monthly meeting was called to order at 7:00pm, in the township hall on July 8,, 2019.   

Board members present were Schmidt, Riehle, Marsh and Sebastian; Mitchell was absent.  Chief Luce and Sgt Cain were also present.  

The Pledge of Allegiance was recited.

County Commissioner-Not present

Public Comment- None

 * A motion was made by Sebastian to accept the June 10, 2019 minutes, supported by Schmidt and the motion passed.

Board Member Marsh gave the Treasurer’s report.  General Fund has a checking account balance of $379,911.31 Police checking has a balance of $285,810.00 and Fire Operating has a balance of $187,079.35 and Fire Equipment $37,049.17

*Motion to approve the treasurer’s report for audit by Sebastian, supported by Riehle and it carried.

Approval of Post Audit Bills:

BUDGET AMENDMENT: This is just a suggestion:

Decrease 101-253-818-000 Contracted Services by $300

Increase 101-253-960-000 Education and Training by $300

*Motion to decrease 101-253-818-000 Contracted Service by $300 and increase 101-253-960-000 Education and Training by $300 made by Sebastian, supported by Marsh and it carried.

APPROVAL OF POST AUDIT BILLS:  General Fund:$485.06; Fire $19,150.00; Police:$4,570.69                

  • Total Post Audit Bills $24,205.75

*Sebastian moved to pay post audit bills, motion supported by Schmidt and it passed unanimously

APPROVAL OF CURRENT BILLS:  General Fund:$10,192.24;  Fire:NA;  Police:$6,817.64 

  • Total Current Bills  $17,009.88

*Sebastian moved to pay current bills, motion supported by Marsh and it passed unanimously.

Police Report: No stats this month due to vacation. June was a slow month. 

Road Report- Board member Sebastian reported that he is in contact with the county regarding the Pope Church Road bridge repair.  It is unclear at this time how long Pope Church Road will be closed. The county is working on a plan to repair or replace the bridge.  Sebastian also reported that he is working with the county to get a quote for the repair of Town Rd between Brown and North Parma Rd.  

Supervisor/Assessor’s Report:



  • Ordinance Officer Cain:  Cain reported that she has spent a lot of time on ordinances in the last couple of months.  Cain offered pictures and reports of properties in the township that need to be addressed. Cain will meet with board member Schmidt Wednesday @ 11:00am to discuss further steps in addressing blight issues within the township.

  • Board of Appeals: Discussion took place.

*Motion to appoint Jackie Riehle as an alternate to Board of Appeals made by Schmidt, supported by Marsh and the motion passed unanimously.

  • Special Meeting- there will be a special meeting on August 12, 2019 at 6:00pm to discuss the variance application for Matthew and Angela Raymond, 13051 Town Road Springport MI 49284.

Board Member Comments:

Meeting Adjourned- 7:53pm



Jackie Riehle, Springport Township Clerk