Springport Township Board Meeting
July 10, 2017

 Springport Township’s regular monthly meeting was called to order at 7:00pm, in the township hall on July 10, 2017.   Board members present were Schmidt, Losey, Riehle, Sebastian and Mitchell.  The Pledge of Allegiance was recited.
County Commissioner- no representative
Public Comment- Cliff Dingman presented his idea for the possible purchase of the Golf Course.  Mr. Dingman is a firearms instructor and is interested in purchasing the property to open up a shooting range and gun store.  Schmidt advised Mr. Dingman that his next step is to apply for a conditional use permit.  
* A motion was made by Sebastian to accept June 10, 2017 minutes, supported by Mitchell and the motion passed.
Losey gave the Treasurer’s report.  General fund has a checking account balance of $203,528.86, police checking has a balance of $202,027.77 and fire operating has a balance of $127,475.37 and fire equipment $36,627.30*Motion to approve the treasurer’s report by Sebastian, supported by Mitchell and it carried.
General Fund Post Audit for Approval: $641.25
Police Post Audit for Approval:$3,374.53
*Motion by Mitchell to approve post audit bills supported by Sebastian and it passed unanimously.

General Fund Bills for Approval: $7,077.64

Fire Bills for Approval: N/A

Police Bills for Approval: $5,864.33

*Mitchell moved to pay current bills, motion supported by Sebastian and it passed unanimously.


Budget Amendment-
* A motion was made by Riehle to move $22,000.00 from fund balance to road construction 101-101-811-000 to pay for the Springport Road Culvert project, supported by Mitchell and the motion passed unanimously.

Police Report:   Officer Cain reported that the department has had a good month with 9 arrests. 
Committee Reports:
Planning Commission: discussed the plans Mr. Dingman has for opening a shooting range and gun store if he purchases the golf course,  Mr. Dingman would need to apply for a conditional use permit. Also discussed a resident that would like to build an 800 sq foot home, property owner would need to apply for a variance. 
Fire Board– Board member Sebastian reported that Bob Fisher has retired from the board and Linda Kubiak has been appointed.  Also, Terry Siefert, from Clarence Township, has been appointed to the 5th seat on the fire board.
Supervisor/Assessor’s ReportState is auditing again as a follow up from last year.


  • Springport Road Culvert- Riehle will get the advance to the county so plans can move forward.
  • Election Audit- The election audit took place on June 19th and the township received  100%.
  • Roads- nothing new to report, board member Sebastian is still working with the county to get prices for repairing roads.  A possible millage in 2018 was discussed. 


  • Election Equipment Grant and Resolution- the election equipment is free to the township if a grant is submitted.

*A motion was made was made by Schmidt to accept the Election Equipment Grant and Resolution, supported by Sebastian and the motion passed unanimously.   

Board Member Comments –
Meeting Adjourned: 8:09pm


Jackie Riehle, Springport Township Clerk