Springport Township Board
Meeting minutes of July 13, 2015

    The Springport Township monthly meeting was called to order by Supervisor Schmidt at 7:00 pm on the 13th of July.  Board members present were Schmidt, Mitchell, Sebastian and Keeler, Betz arrived at 7:35.  We had 2 guests present.  The Pledge of Allegiance was recited.
     Sebastian moved to accept the minutes of June 8th, 2015, motion supported by Mitchell and it passed.  Motion by Sebastian, supported by Mitchell to also accept the minutes of the special meeting held on June 24th, motion passed.
    Motion by Sebastian to approve the treasurer’s report, Mitchell supported and it carried.  General fund checking has a balance of $196,342.47, police account has a balance of $143,327.13, and fire operating has $81,323.09 and certificate of deposits in the amount of $52,889.59.
Sebastian moved to approve post audit bills of $6,721.30, Mitchell supported the motion and it carried.
Motion by Sebastian, supported by Mitchell to approve post audit general fund bills in the amount of $467.07, motion passed.
Motion by Sebastian to pay general fund bills in the amount of $39,967.13, Mitchell supported the motion and it passed unanimously.  * Note JDOT check may equal more than required % down, amount will be deducted in final payment.
 Police bills for payment;
Name                      description              Ck #         amount                   Name                      description              Ck #         amount       
Avery Oil                 fuel                          3570        $ 896.45                  D. Luce                    wages                     3584        $1,660.04
Springcom               communication       3578        $ 133.39                  S. Cain                     wages                     3585        $1,241.26
IRS                           941 taxes                                EFTP       $4,158.97                 G. Truchan              wages                     3586        $  198.15
State of Mi              state taxes              3580        $ 517.41                  W. Beitelschies       wages                     3587        $    83.83
City of Jackson        MCOLES                  3571        $ 125.00                  D. Luce                    reimburses-confer. 3574        $  226.74
C.M.P.                      uniforms                 3572      $1,662.00                  Oil Zone                  car maintenance     3575        $    42.72
Southern Mi Upfit.  Fix car light             3577        $310.00                   ROE-Comm             radio repair             3576        $  115.25
Verizon                    communication       3581        $335.93                   Lansing Uniform     uniforms                 3573        $    30.50
White & Hotchkiss  court costs              3852        $ 125.00                  Village of Spgt        utilities Jan-May     3579      $ 1,046.55
InContact                 communication       3583        $     7.52 
                                Total                                    $12,916.74
Mitchell moved to pay police bills of $12,916.74, supported by Sebastian and it passed unanimously.
Committee Reports;
Police Administration Board did not meet.
Planning Commission did not meet.
Fire Board met in June and discussed again how to deal with numerous rescue calls to repeated address, especially non-emergency calls but, no solution was found.  The firemen purchased new boots with fund raisers off setting fire men’s cost of  the boots.
Unfinished Business:
      Schmidt will meet with JDOT and sign contract to begin work on Sibley Road and Town Road, with Township paying portion of costs.  Work will  be done later in the fall and early winter on the canopy hanging over local roads.  Stark Road will be turned into gravel road by the County at no costs to Township, the  surface  was an  experimental project and did not work.
      Sebastian moved that the Township Board adopt Resolution # 12-15 “ To Set Planning Commission  Meetings”, motion supported by Mitchell and upon roll call vote in which the following board members voted “aye” – Sebastian, Mitchell, Keeler and Schmidt, the Supervisor declared the resolution be adopted.  Betz was absent.
New Business:
     Schmidt reported that a land division was done at the corner of Pope Church and Parma Roads for the purpose of adding a small shed to the corner lot which had been sold,  The Land Division will continue to meet and make changes upon request for small simple divisions but major changes will require Board approval.
     Keeler presented proposal from DeForest Brothers out of Marshall for a bid of $1,750.00 to repair sidewalk in frot of the hall around the structure for the bell.  This work will be done under the Springport Village DDA grant for improving exterior surrounding of businesses in the  Village  and is a 50 %  dollar amount match.  Sebastian moved we accept the bid from DeForest Bros., Mitchell supported the motion and it carried.
     Schmidt asked that  the Board of Review meet on July 22, 2015 at 6:00 pm.   Sebastian moved that the date for the Board of Review meeting to be changed to 7/22/15, at 6:00 pm, motion supported by Mitchell and it was approved.
Board Member Comments:
      Keeler read a thank-you from Jackson Area Career Center for the donation of the patrol car to their Public Safety Program at the career center.
    There was no other business or comments and the meeting was adjourned at 7:45.

Dena Keeler,