Springport Township Board Minutes
July 9th, 1007

The regular meeting of the Springport Township Board was called to order at 7:01 p.m. at the Springport Township Hall by Supervisor Lance Mitchell. 
Mitchell stated that the meeting is being recorded to assist with the minutes.  Once approved, the tape will be destroyed. 
Members present: Travioli,  Mitchell, Rybicki.  Wilson and Betz were absent.  Trustee Jack Travioli will be recording minutes in Wilson’s absence.  There were 6 visitors.
County Commissioner Cliff Herl was in attendance and gave a report on what is new in county business.   The current county medical doctor is retiring and the county board is looking at pooling resources with Livingston County .    The JTA millage proposal may appear on an upcoming  ballot.  Cliff asked about about the discussion on 911 calls from last month’s minutes.   He stated that the village has put up an additional antenna which should improve radio coverage, and suggested that we update our communications ordinance in a way that would require tower owners to allow public service antennas  to be installed at no cost.
Motion by Rybicki, supported by Travioli that we approve the minutes.  Motion carried.
Motion by Rybicki, supported by Travioli that we accept the Treasurer’s report, subject to audit.  Motion carried.
Motion by Rybicki, supported by Travioli that we pay the post audit bills.  Motion carried.
Motion by Rybicki, supported by Travioli that we pay the township bills in the amount of 11,040.78.  Motion carried. 
Motion by Rybicki, supported by Travioli that we pay the police bills in the amount of $9,115.74.  Motion carried.
Rybicki gave the police board report, and in the absence of Chief Speece, listed the enforcement statistics for the previous month.  Patrolling has been increased 8 hours a week.
Rybicki gave the Fire board report, where he discussed the creation of the Springport Public Safety committee, which is sort of like a small scale version of FEMA.  The Fire board is working on bylaws.  The “lean to” to be built on the side of the fire station will run approximately $6500.  The insurance company of the trucking company involved in the M-50 accident last month will be covering all of the expenses.
Rybicki gave the Ordinance enforcement report.  There are approximately 40 open cases.  The Ferris Rd. property has come up again.  Dave Brown, who was in attendance, will dig through his copies of old minutes to find whether the owner was “grandfathered in” or was granted permission to park vehicles on his property by a previous Township Supervisor.
Motion by Rybicki, supported by Travioli that we approve the minutes of a special meeting held by the election committee on July 5th.  Motion carried.
Travioli passed along the recommendation of the planning commission that we put any plans for a special events ordinance on hold.   Dave Brown was in attendance to see if there has been a process put together regarding building permits and offered to put one together.  Mitchell had not to date completed the Proof of Occupancy form.
Rybicki stated that the concrete pad for the recycling containers will be poured approximately July 22nd.
Mitchell reported that the bench would run $1100 including shipping.  Motion by Rybicki, supported by Travioli that we purchase the bench.  Motion carried.
Resolution 6, declining to purchase the property on Town Rd, passed unanimously.  Resolution 7, declining to purchase the building that was formerly a laundry mat, on Main St. passed unanimously. 
Mitchell read the statistics from the Sherriff’s report on the annual trash pickup. 
Rybicki attended a meeting on June 27th with other area local governments; Sandstone Township, Parma Township, village of Springport, and village of Parma, to discuss pooling resources.  Another meeting was scheduled for July 16th.
Rybicki encouraged everyone in attendance to fill out the survey that was mailed with the tax bill.
Dave Brown will put together a process for permits and a site inspection form.  Rybicki recommended that he talk to Rod Thurow.
Motion by Rybicki, supported by Travioli that we adjourn meeting.  Motion carried.
Submitted by Jack Travioli.