Springport Township Board Meeting
Jan 11th, 2016

The regular monthly meeting of the Springport Township Board was called to order at 7:00 pm on Jan 11th, 2016. Board members present were Losey, Sebastian, Mitchell and Schmidt, Keeler was absent. The Pledge of Allegiance was recited.
County Commissioner- No representative
Sebastian moved to accept the minutes of Dec 14, 2015, Mitchell supported the motion and the minutes will be filed.
Treasurer’s report was given by Losey. General fund checking account balance is $101,226.66, police account balance is $81,130.10 and fire has a balance of $21,757.69. Mitchell moved to accept the treasurer report for audit, motion supported by Sebastian and it carried. Mitchell moved to pay back the General Fund loan for the fire truck in the amount of $19,619.91 supported by Sebastian, motion carried.
Post audit police bills for approval;
Name description ck# amount Name description ck# amount
D. Luce wages 3674 $1,396.61 D. Luce wages
S. Cain wages 3675 $1,246.46 S. Cain wages G. Truchan wages 3676 $ 210.94 G. Truchan wages InContact communication W. Beitelschies wages US Post Office box rental
Total $2,854.01
Motion by Mitchell, supported by Sebastian that we approve post audit police checks in the amount of $2,854.01, motion carried.

Motion by Mitchell, supported by Sebastian to amend the budget Building Inspection Dept- deduct 275 from office supplies and 250 from mileage and add to wages. Police budget reduce insurance by 3,000 and add 156 to unemployment, 5020 in misc and 2344 in car repair, motion carried

Post audit general fund bills for approval;
Name description ck# amount
Consumers utilities 9898 $ 77.89
Semco utilities 9899 $ 74.52
Card Center postage 9900 $10.38
Total $162.79

Mitchell moved to approve post audit general fund bills of $162.79, supported by Sebastian and it passed.
General fund bills for approval;
Name description ck# amount Name description ck# amount
IRS 941 taxes EFTP $ 2,229.11 D. Keeler clerk 9908 $1,095.12
State of MI state taxes 9906 $ 204.84 Springcom communication 9904 $ 82.70
C. DeConick inspections 9912 $ 175.46 Village of Spgt utilities 9905 $ 50.88
J. Underhill hall maintenance 9901 $300.00 K. Schmidt supervisor 9911 $1,754.65
B. Ungar inspections 9910 $263.95 B. Losey treasurer 9913 $ 966.15
K. Swift inspections 9909 $ 220.24 White & Hotchkiss-ordinances 9907 $ 75.00
Burnham & Flower winter tax bond 9902 $444.00 Decker Ins liablility insurance 9903 $4775.00

Total $12,682.10
Motion by Sebastian, supported by Mitchell to pay January general fund bills of $12,682.10, motion carried unanimously.
Police fund bills for approval;
Name description ck# amount Name description ck# amount
Avery Oil Fuel 3677 $778.07 City of Jackson MCOLES 3678 $125.00
Decker Ins insurance 3679 $3452.00 Office Depot Office supplies 3681 $75.42
Printer Source printer ink 3683 $91.12 UIA late penalty 3687 $155.56
LexisNexis Service Agreement 3688 $286.20 White & Hotchkiss-ordinance 3686 $ 62.50
Springcom communication 3684 $ 132.45 Oil Zone car maintenance 3682 $1,289.09
IRS 941 taxes EFTP $2,551.83 State of MI state taxes 3685 $315.17
MI Police Equip holster 3680 $ 95.00 D. Luce wages 3689 $1,397.01 Stacy Cain wages 3690 $1,246.54 G. Truchan wages 3691 $198.15 W. Beitelschies wages 3692 $ 96.13
Total $12,347.24
Sebastian moved to pay police bills in the amount of $12,347.24, supported by Mitchell and it carried unanimously.
Chief Luce gave the police report.
Committee Reports:
Police Administration: Enbridge grant for $1,500
Planning Commission did not meet.
Fire Board: Sebastian gave the fire board report. No new business.
The Supervisor’s report was given by Schmidt. Board of Review dates are March 14th or 15th with an organizational meeting on March 8th, BOR times to be determined. Schmidt met with White and Hotchkiss concerning Officer Cain’s contract. A contract employee cannot work for another contract employee there for Officer Cain will be an “at will employee”. Schmidt suggested the poverty guidelines be set at 1.25% over federal guidelines. Sebastian moved to set the poverty guidelines 1.25% above federal guidelines, Losey supported and motion carried.
Springport Township will wait and see what the purchase price the owner requests for the property at Griffith Cemetery.
New Business:
Tentative budget workshop dates are February 17th or 24th.

Sebastian met with JDOT to discuss road repair and work to be done in 2016.
Canopy maintenance provided for townships partnering with JDOT.
Sebastian asked for pricing on fixing roads.
Schmidt moved to adjourn at 8:02pm. Meeting adjourned.



Jackie Riehle
Deputy Clerk