Springport Township Board Minutes
Jan. 12th, 2015

      The January meeting of the Springport Township board was called to order on the 12th of Jan. at 7:00 pm.  All Board members were present and we had 2 guests.  The Pledge of Allegiance was recited.
     County Commissioner Sarah Lightner gave the County Commissioner’s report.  There are some job openings for the County.  County Commissioners reviewed their annual reports at Monday’s meeting; all reports can be reviewed on line.  She had nothing new to report concerning road repair from the County.
     Sebastian moved to accept the minutes of the Dec. 8th, 2014 board meeting, Mitchell supported the motion and it passed.
      The Treasurer’s report was given by Betz. General Fund checking balance is $109,009.62 and has a CD of $52,667.02, Police account balance is at $76,880.79 and fire operating has a balance of $1,120.23.  Motion by Sebastian to accept the treasurer’s report for audit, Mitchell supported the motion and it passed.
Sebastian moved to approve post audit bills for the police in the amount of $5,792.82, supported by Mitchell and the motion carried.
Motion by Sebastian, supported by Mitchell to approve general fund post audit bills of $584.34, motion carried.
Sebastian moved to pay general fund bills in the amount of $5,100.75, motion supported by Mitchell and it passed unanimously.
Mitchell moved to pay police bills of $8,716.24, Sebastian supported the motion and it carried unanimously.
Chief Luce gave the police report.  Out officers spent approximately 12 hours as the schools in December.  Officers participated in “Shop with a Cop”.  They had new modems put into the patrol cars and upgrades for the computer for the black charger.  One portable radio was repaired and the other is in the shop.  Luce is working with the school on fling  for a  grant which would put locks on all doors and sensors throughout the school which would detect gunfire.  Officer Tanner has not begun work, has not received okay from doctor.  Luce also has another officer who is interested in part time work, he’ll be contacting him and get him started.
     Sebastian moved to increase Chief Luce’s salary to cover his health insurance payment for his dependents due to new federal laws which require collecting taxes on benefits, the increase will cover the health care, his portion of increased taxes and will also reflect on his retirement, bringing his yearly salary to $54,469.22, motion was supported by Betz and all Board members approved this action.  Officer Cain has not gotten back with us concerning her health insurance, we asked if the Chief could request from her a proof of health care through other coverage.
Committee Reports:
Police Administration will meet for a budget workshop among other things on Feb. 5, at 6:30 pm.
Fire Board met in Jan.  Overall things are going well.  Concerns about the Scot air tanks which are very costly and need replacing.  Fire Board will meet on Feb.16 for their annual budget meeting.
Schmidt reported there will be several new laws coming down from the state tax commission.
Unfinished Business:
News from JDOT is that 2014 policy for any road work will be the same in 2015. Which is Township are responsible for 70% and JDOT will cover remaining 30 %.  Schmidt is going to ask for the “Act 51 Report” which lists all road spending done on roads for the year.
New Business:
Mitchell will replace the flag out in front of our building.
Board Comments:
Keeler reported that Enbridge has sent grant money of $1,500.00 for the Community Park.  Check was made to the Village, so we passed it on to them for cashing.

Meeting adjourned at 8:15.

Respectively submitted,
Dena Keeler,