Springport Township Board Meeting

Feb. 8, 2016

Springport Township Supervisor Schmidt called the regular monthly meeting to order at 7:00 pm on the 8th of Feb. 2016. Board members present were; Mitchell, Schmidt, Sebastian and Keeler, Losey was absent , D. Treasurer Betz was there for the treasurer’s report. We had 1 guest. The Pledge of Allegiance was recited.

Mitchell moved to accept the minutes of Jan. 11 and the special meeting on Jan. 20th, 2016, the motion was supported by Sebastian and it passed.

Betz gave the treasurer’s report. General fund has a checking account balance of $140,950.96, police balance is $101,443.89 and fire balance is $33,973.92, tax account has a balance of $447,151.87 and the Trust & Agency account is at $1,190.75. Sebastian moved to accept the report for audit, Mitchell supported the motion and it passed.

Motion by Sebastian, supported by Mitchell to approve payment of all post audit police bills in the amount of $3,257.27, motion passed.

Mitchell moved to approve post audit general fund bills for $559.83, supported by Sebastian and it motion carried.

Mitchell moved to amend the budget by reducing reassessing amount by $1200.00, $400 from D. Supervisor account, $100 from postage, $100 from mileage and $1,200.00 from Deputy Clerk and increasing account 1014-171-726 – office supplies by $3,000 to cover cost of the .NET assessing program, Sebastian supported the motion and it carried.

Sebastian moved to pay general fund bills in the amount of $10,503.94, motion supported by Mitchell and it passed unanimously.

Mitchell moved to approve police bills for payment in the amount of $7,139.95, supported by Sebastian, all Board members voted “aye”.

Police Report; Chief Luce reported the Chief’s conference in Grand Rapids was great, and well worth the time. He invited Springport School’s Superintendent, Principal and Security to attend the “Sandy Hook” presentation, he reported it was a very good presentation. Chad Russell is close to completing his training and should be ready to be on duty by the end of February.

Committee Reports: Planning Commission met, but had no new business. Sebastian moved to appoint K. Schmidt as Township’s representative to the Planning Commission, supported by Keeler, motion carried.

Police board didn’t meet.

Fire Board met and approved the upcoming 2016-17 budget, their next meeting will be March 21st.

Assessor’s Report: Supervisor Schmidt stated that BS&A installed the new .NET assessing program on his computer this morning.

Scott Ames from Jackson County GIS reported to Supervisor Schmidt that Springport Road from the corner of Crawford and Saxton north to the curve where Crawford goes to gravel will now be Crawford Road. Schmidt will contact Jackson Co. to make sure residents and 911 dispatchers are notified.

Unfinished Business: The Township has not heard from White& Hotchkiss concerning house ordinance.

We have not heard from the owner of the property next to Griffith Cemetery concerning the sale of property. We will review Officer Cain’s employee benefits before the budget meeting.

Sebastian has contacted JDOT and received prices for repairing several roads in the township. We will discuss more at the budget workshop. JDOT has agreed to hire test borings to be done on the closed section of Springport Road.

New Business: BS&A has notified us that they will no longer support Clerk’s Pervasive accounting system, and suggesting an update to .NET program, they will send us a quote.

Budget workshop date will be Feb. 24th at 9:00 am in the Township.

Keeler moved to adjourn at 8:10. Meeting adjourned.

Respectively submitted,

Dena Keeler, Clerk