Springport Township
Board Meeting
Feb. 10, 2014

     Supervisor Schmidt called the monthly meeting of the Springport Township Board at 7:00 pm Feb. 10, 2014 at the Township Hall.  Board Members present were; Schmidt, Keeler, Mitchell and Sebastian, Betz arrived at 7:05, there were 2 guests present.  The Pledge of Allegiance of recited.
       There were no additions or corrections to the minutes of Jan. 13th, 2014 so they were approved.
      Betz gave the Treasurer’s report.  General Fund checking account has a balance of $159,731.57, police account has $91,015.83, and fire has a balance of $82,883.11. Sebastian moved to accept the Treasurer’s report for audit, Mitchell supported and it passed.
Sebastian moved to approve police post audit bills of $3,367.47, supported by Mitchell, motion passed.
Motion by Sebastian, supported by Mitchell to approve General Fund post audit bills in the amount of $376.45, and it passed.
Mitchell moved to pay February general funds bills of $20,745.17, motion supported by Sebastian, the motion passed unanimously.
Mitchell moved to pay Police bills in the amount of $10,186.94, motion supported by Sebastian, and all board members voted “aye”.
Sebastian moved, supported by Mitchell to pay fire bill of $ 23.88, motion passed.
Our Officers spent about 15 hours at the schools in December.  Officer Watson resigned to accept a full time position.  The Chief has received many applications to replace our part-time officers and he has hired one officer, Carl Carmoney and he will be training soon.  Sebastian moved to purchase police uniforms and leather gear for part-time officers with the money left in the uniform budget and from now on make it a part of yearly expenses, Betz supported the motion and it passed.            
     Betz reported on the Police Board meeting.  Police budget is in good shape, as is our equipment.  Discussion was held on when and how to promote our next millage for our police department.
      The Planning Committee is still working on the Lincoln property on Parma Road.
      Fire Board will meet on Feb. 24th; meeting will be a budget meeting for the new fiscal year, and to address concerns with fire chief and members.
County Commissioner
     Sarah Lightner from Jackson County Commissioners Board reported that the “Beer Expo” will be held on March 8th, at the Jackson County Event Center.  Alabama will be coming to the Jackson Fair in 2014.  The commissioners are working on agreement with local townships for road repair, probably a 30% County and 70% township split of
payment for road repair.
Assessor’s report:
      Karl passed out assessors report from the County.  There will be land division meeting on Wed. Feb. 12th, at 10:00.   Sebastian moved to appoint Keeler as the 3rd member of the land division committee, motion supported by Mitchell, motion carried.  The training for the BOR members will be held in Blackman Township at no cost to us.
Unfinished Business;
Sebastian moved to adopt  Solicitors Ordinance, motion supported by Mitchell, upon roll call vote in which the following Board members voted “aye”, Sebastian, Mitchell, Betz, Schmidt and Keeler, the Ordinance passed.
New Business:
     Sebastian moved to accept Resolution #   1-14 to set meeting dates for the March 2014 Board of Review, supported by Mitchell, all board members voted in favor of the resolution and the Supervisor declared it adopted.
     Sebastian moved to accept Resolution # 2-14 “Hardship  Guidelines” at 1.25% of  the Federal Poverty guidelines, motion supported by Mitchell, roll call vote, Sebastian, “aye”, Mitchell “aye”, Betz, “aye”, Schmidt, “aye, and Keeler, “aye”.
Resolution was declared adopted.
      Discussion was held on suggesting tree trimming priority to the Jackson County Dept. of Roads. Priority of roads for tree trimming is to be Gibbs, Town and Brown roads.
     Keeler moved to hold a “budget workshop” meeting March 6th at 6:30 pm., motion was supported by Sebastian and passed.
     Meeting adjourned at 8:15pm.

Dena Keeler,