December 2006
101 E. Main St P.O. Box 174
Springport, MI 49284

Supervisor-Lance Mitchell, Clerk-Rebecca Wilson, Treasurer-Tom Betz
Trustees-Jack Travioli and Steve Rybicki

Office hours are Mondays from 9 AM - 12 PM. Other times as needed.
Refer to upper left corner of tax bill for office hours or pay taxes by mail.
Assessor-Kyt Hoover The Assessor is in the office on Thursdays from 9 AM-1 PM
For Hall Rental call JoAnn Underhill 857-2589.
Township Meetings are the second Monday of every month at 7PM at the Township Hall.

Springport Township recently purchased the lot at 206 E. Main Street (formally where
Boomers was). This lot will become the home of the Recycling Center. Special thanks to
Homestead Bank for donating the sign for the Recycling Center. Please help keep the area clean when you are recycling.
Items accepted:
• clean food cans
• clean glass jars
• clean plastic bottles (remove caps & rings)
• clear plastic grocery bags
• newspapers (stacked or bundled)
• mixed paper (desk/copy paper, mail, construction paper, magazines, and telephone
• cardboard

• NO aerosol cans
• NO window pane glass
• NO trays, wrappers, toys, buckets, pails or crates
• NO hazardous waste or containers (oil, antifreeze, pesticide)
• NO junk mail

Many people are wondering what is going on with the Police Department. Due to the
Police Millage being defeated at the November Election the Township Board voted at the
November Meeting to continue running the Police Department in the same manner as we
currently are until the Fund Balance is depleted.
The Township Police fiscal year is April to March. Taxes for the year are collected
December through February. So there is a year lag in receipt of taxes and when funds are spent.
Resulting in nearly a year Fund Balance as of April 2006.


The Jackson County Board of Commissioners recently adopted a Street Naming and
Addressing Ordinance* effective October 1st, 2006 for the entire county. The assigning of new addresses is now the responsibility of the Township, not Consumers Energy. For Springport Township, Rod Thurow, will take care of the application process for the new address. Rod also issues all the permits for the Township. Call Rod at 857-2533 for
assistance. Below is the application process for applying for an address.


Address Application Process:
1. Submit COPIES of the five items listed below to Springport Building Inspection Department:

1. Proof of Ownership (copy of deed or current tax bill-must have complete legal description)
2. Current Tax Identification Number
3. Site Plan showing location of principal buildings driveway
4. Closest existing addresses to both sides and across the street from property
(Indicate approximate distance each address is from your drive)
5. A $30.00 fee for each lot/unit and meters requiring an address
(Fee includes a road sign from Springport/Clarence Fire Department. The sign
will be put up for you.) *Fee is not returnable.
Cash or Checks payable to Springport Township.
Please note: assigned address are considered final, address changes will be subject to additional fees.

2. Applicant will be contacted via Phone in 4-5 business days when issuance is complete.
3. If sending application via US Postal Mail, UPS, etc. please send to:
Rod Thurow 15120 Town Rd Springport, MI 49284

*The entire Ordinance as well as other Township information can be viewed on the Township website at www.springportmi.com. Click on Township.

The Springport/Clarence Township Fire Board will be taking resumes for the position of
a 5th board member.
Resumes are to be sent to:
Springport/Clarence Township Fire Board 27052 R Drive North Albion, MI 49224
Due date for the resume is December 18th, 2006. Applicants must be a Springport or
Clarence Township resident, with a willingness to help our community. Meetings are held at
7:00pm on the 3rd Monday of March, June, September and December.

The Springport Township Board would like to wish you a safe and Happy New Year.