Springport Township Board Meeting
Dec. 14th, 2015

     The regular monthly meeting of the Springport Township Board was called to order at 7:00 pm on Dec. 14thth, 2015.  Board members present were Losey, Keeler, Sebastian and Schmidt, Mitchell was absent. We had 3 guests.  The Pledge of Allegiance was recited.
     Kevin Decker from Decker Insurance was on hand to answer any questions the Board had regarding the insurance policy quote for general liability insurance for the Township and police department.  Sebastian moved to accept the Decker Agency as our insurance carrier for 2016, motion supported by Losey, motion carried.  We will get with him to finalize
     County Commissioner Sarah Lightner gave the County Commissioners report.  Night Lights are ongoing at the Jackson Fairgrounds.  Jackson Co. has received a donation of $35,000 towards the Parks and Recreation designated to be used on the bike trail.  A bike rental area will be placed on Weatherwax.  Jackson Co. Medicare Facility needs about 1.1 million for roof repairs.  Sprint is installing new antennas in Jackson Co.
     Sebastian moved to accept the minutes of Nov. 9th, 2015, Schmidt supported the motion and the minutes will be filed.
    Treasurer’s report was given by Losey.  General fund checking account balance is $191,769.72, police account balance is $89,618.65 and fire has a balance of $43,307.69.  Sebastian moved to accept the treasurer report for audit, motion supported by Keeler and it carried.
Motion by Sebastian, supported by Schmidt that we approve post audit police checks in the amount of $6,112.15, motion carried.
Sebastian  moved to approve post audit general fund bills of $82.73, supported by Losey and it passed.
Motion by Sebastian, supported by Losey to pay December’s general fund bills of $90,966.66, motion carried unanimously.
Sebastian moved to pay police bills in the amount of $9,362.30, supported by Losey and it carried unanimously.
Schmidt moved to pay fire bills for $21,550.00, supported by Sebastian and the motion carried.
Chief Luce gave the police report.  Chief Luce is meeting with a possible new officer next week.  “Shop with a Cop” was last week at WalMart, went very well.  Sebastian moved to send Chief Luce to the Chief’s conference in Grand Rapids, Feb. 3rd-5, motion supported by Losey and it carried.
Committee Reports:  Police Administration will meet on Jan. 11, 2016 at 6:30.
Planning Commission did not meet.
Fire Board will meet on December 21st.
     The Supervisor’s report was given by Schmidt.  Schmidt met with County and finalized assessed properties for the 2016 year.  Schmidt met with White and Hotchkiss concerning ordinance for dilapidated houses and Officer Cain’s contract.  Hotchkiss is going to write up the ordinance for concerning dilapidated houses and a letter concerning “at will employees”. 
      Springport Township will wait and see what the purchase price the owner  requests for the property at Griffith Cemetery.
New Business:  Keeler moved to appoint upon recommendation of the Supervisor,  Rodney Thurow, Dennis Hasenick and Doug Talbot to the Board of Review for the years of 2016-17, motion supported by Sebastian and it carried.
     Sebastian is to meet with JDOT  after the first of the year to discuss road repair and work to be done in  2016.
     Keeler moved to adjourn at 7:45 pm.  Meeting adjourned.

Dena Keeler,