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Ordinance 36-Outdoor Gatherings

Administrative Ordinance 2009-2 OUTDOOR GATHERINGS

Sec. 36.1 Definitions
Sec. 36.2 Exemptions
Sec. 36.3 License; bond
Sec. 36.4 Regulations
Sec.36.5 Effective date

Sec. 36.l Definitions.
The following words, terms, and phrases, when used in this chapter, shall have the meanings ascribed to them in this section, except where the context clearly indicates a different meaning.
All outdoor events, music festivals, and exhibition include off road racing, including motorcycle racing, ATV racing, snowmobile racing, mud racing including mud bogging, concerts, public shows, and public gatherings for entertainment and amusement.

Sec. 36.2 Exemptions.
This chapter does not pertain to legitimate functions of schools, churches, or other organizations that possess a tax exempt stamp under section 501©(3) of the Internal Revenue Service Code of 1954, or an event that is held entirely within the confines of a totally enclosed and covered permanent structure. Also exempt are annual parades such as Memorial Day, 8-80 Days and Halloween.

Sec.36.3 License; bond

a. It shall be unlawful to conduct, promote, or initiate an outdoor event, music festival, theatrical exhibition, etc. without first obtaining a license from the township board.

b. A license fee of $25.00, cash or certified check, as adopted by resolution of the township board from time to time, shall be paid at the time of application.

c. Application for the license shall be made ten days prior to the event, and the license shall be in effect for no more than 2 consecutive days.

d. Proof of being bonded or certified check shall be provided and placed on account with the township treasurer at least 72 hours prior to the beginning of the outdoor event, exhibition or festival. This bond is to be returned to the licensee after the following monthly Board meeting or after the end of the season, if the conditions are met to the satisfaction of the township board of trustees. If the conditions are violated, the bond will be forfeited.

Sec. 36.4 Regulations.

a. All outdoor events, exhibitions, and music shows shall be conducted from 9:00am until 7:00pm(EST) only. All amplification equipment or off-road equipment must be shut down at that time.

b. All people in attendance must be off the grounds and the area secured by 8:00pm. Absolutely no overnight camping will be allowed, unless a state license is obtained.

c. No more than 2,500 paid or unpaid people will be allowed.

d. There must be a minimum of one uniformed guard per 100 spectators on the grounds at all times during the outdoor event. exhibition or festival.

e. Proper directional signs must be erected directing spectators to the outdoor, exhibition, or festival site from major arteries.

f. Toilet facilities must be provided per direction of the county health officer. i.e. three on-site, three on reserve. This is regulated by the Jackson County Health Department and not the Springport Township.

g. All spectators must be contained on the site of the outdoor, exhibition or festival and adequate off-road parking must be provided.

h. Proof of liability insurance and availability of uniformed guards must be provided to the township 72 hours prior to the outdoor, exhibition or festival.

i. Fire protection shall be provided upon inspection and recommendation from the township fire authority.

j. A first aid station shall be provided and equipped with basic first aid needs.

k. All new construction shall meet local building codes and all necessary permits must be obtained.

1. Any off-road event must be in compliance with all local, state, and federal Soil Erosion & Sedimentation Control laws, i.e. Jackson County Soil Erosion & Sedimentation Control laws. All rules and regulations implemented by the Michigan Department of Environmental Quality (MDEQ), National Resource and Conservation Service (NRCS), and the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).

Sec. 36.5 Effective Date

a. This ordinance shall take immediate effect. All ordinances of the Township heretofore adopted shall hereafter be supplemented by the terms of the within ordinance.

b. At the regular meeting on April 13`h, 2009 this Ordinance was adopted. Upon roll call vote the following voted aye; Betz, Lincoln, Sebastian, Mitchell and Keeler.