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Ordinance 35-Reserve Police Officer

An ordinance to establish the office of Reserve Officer; to prescribe the duties of said office; to authorize the Township Board to appoint any person or persons to said office; and to amend any ordinances or parts of ordinances of Springport Township which conflict with the provisions hereof.


Section 1: Reserve Officer
There is hereby established the position of "Reserve Officer" within the Township of Springport, Jackson County, Michigan.

Section 2: Appointment
The Township Board of Springport Township is hereby authorized to appoint by resolution at any regular meeting of said Board of special meeting called for the purpose of any person or persons to the position off Reserve Officer under such conditions and limitations as may be designated in said resolution. Said Board may similarly by resolution remove any person from said position at any time said Board deems such removal appropriate.

Section 3: Duties
The Reserve Officer, upon appointment, is hereby authorized to temporarily, during the period of his/her appointment and while under the direction of the Springport Township Police Department or the Jackson County Sheriff to enforce all ordinances of the Township of Springport whether such ordinances specifically designate a different official to enforce the same or do not designate any particular enforcing officer.

The authority of the Reserve Officer shall at all times be auxiliary to the authority of the Springport Township Police Officers and/or any ordinance enforcing officer of the Township. Any ordinance-enforcing authority of the Police Officers and other officers specifically designated in any Township ordinance as enforcing officers shall continue in full force and effect and shall in no way be diminished or impaired by the terms of the within ordinance.

Section 4: Definitions
The Reserve Officer's authority herein specified shall include investigation of ordinance violations and other suspected criminal activity; serving notice of violations; serving appearance tickets as authorized under Public Act 147 of 1968, as amended (MCL 764.9c; appearance in court or other judicial or quasi-judicial proceedings to assist in the prosecution of violators; assisting Police Officers or Deputy Sheriffs in making arrests and such other specific authority or duties as may be delegated to such Reserve Officer by a Springport Township Police Officer or County Sheriff directing said Reserve Officer.

Section 5: Statutory Reference
The Reserve Officer is hereby declared to be a member of the Springport Township Police Auxiliary under the provisions of Section 9 of Public Act 203 of 1965, the Commission on Law Enforcement Standards Act of 19658m as amended (MCL 28.609).

Section 6: Saving Clause
The provisions of the within ordinance are hereby declared to be severable and the invalidation of any one or more of the same for any cause shall not invalidate the remainder of sad provisions or of said ordinance.

Section 7: Effective Date
This ordinance shall take immediate effect. All ordinances of the Township heretofore or hereafter adopted shall hereafter be supplemented by the terms of the within ordinance.
At the regular meeting on April 13th, 2009 this Ordinance was adopted. Upon a roll call vote the following voted aye: Mitchell, Betz, Lincoln, Keeler and Sebastian.
Springport Township hereby declares that Ordinance # 35 be adopted.