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Ordinance 1- Mobile Home Residental District
Amended October 9,1978
Section 4.2.3 Mobile Home Residential District (MH-1):
This district is composed of those areas of the Township whose principal use if or ought to be mobile home dwelling. The regulations of this district are designed to permit a density of population and an intensity of land use in those areas which are severed by a central water supply system and a central sanitary sewerage system, and which a but or are adjacent to such other uses, buildings, structures, or amenities which support, complement, or serve such a density and intensity.

A. Permitted Uses
1. Mobile Home Parks
2. Mobile Home Subdivisions in accordance with the provisions of Section 4.2.3 RS-1, Suburban Residential District
3. Public Schools

B. Mobile Home Park Regulations
1. All mobile home parks shall comply with the Trailer Coach Park Act of 1959, being ACT 243, Public Acts of Michigan, 1959.
2. Every mobile home park or subdivision shall be served by a central water supply system and a central sanitary sewerage systems.
3. The land area of a mobile home park shall not be less than ten (10) acres.
4. Mobile home sites shall be at least four thousand (4,000) square feet in area.
5. Each mobile home within such park shall contain a flush toilet, sleeping accommodations, a tub or shower bath, kitchen facilities and plumbing and electrical connections designed for attachments to appropriate external systems.
6. Each mobile home site shall have side yards with each such yard having a width of not less than ten (10) feet and these aggregate width of both said yards not less than twenty five (25) feet.
7. Each mobile home site shall have front and rear yards with each such yard not less than eight (8) feet in depth and the aggregate depth of both said yards not less then twenty (20) feet.
8. For the purpose of this Section, yard width shall be determined by measurement from the mobile home face (side) to its mobile home site boundary which every point shall not be less then the minimum width herein provided. Open patios, carports, and individual storage facilities shall be disregarded in determining yard widths. The front yard is that yard which runs from the hitch end of the mobile home and side yards are at right angles to the ends.
9. From all stands, the following minimum distances shall be maintained:

a. 10 feet to the buffer strip
b. 30 feet to the boundary of such park which is not a public street
c. 50 feet to the right-of-way of any public street of highway.
d. 30 feet to any collector street of such park (parking bay of central parking drive not a collector street.)
e. 15 feet to any parking area designed for general parking in such park (general parking defines parking bays for other than park residents.)
f. 50 feet to any service building in such park

10. A mobile home shall not be permitted to occupy single or multiple sites if either its length or width would cause it to occupy any minimum yard area or minimum distance prescribed herein.

11. Each mobile home site shall be provided with a minimum stand consisting of a solid concrete four (4) inch apron not less than sixty (60) feet long nor less than twelve (12) feet wide. This apron shall be so constructed, graded, and placed to be durable and adequate for the support of the maximum anticipated load during all seasons.

12. Each mobile home shall be supported on uniform jacks or blocks supplied by the mobile home park management.

13. An all-weather, hard-surfaced outdoor patio area of not less than one hundred twenty (120) square feet shall be provided at each mobile home site, conveniently located to the entrance of the mobile home appropriately related to open areas of the lot and other facilities, for the purpose of providing suitable outdoor living space to supplement the limited interior spaces of a mobile home.

14. Each mobile home park shall include similarly designed enclosed storage structure or structures suitable for storage of goods and the usual effects of the inhabitants of such park, such storage space should not be less thank one hundred twenty (120) cubic feet for each mobile home. Such storage structure or structures may be located in mobile home sites or in common structure with individual lockers.

15. Storage of goods and articles underneath any mobile home or out of doors at any mobile home site shall be prohibited.

16. On-site outdoor laundry space of adequate area and suitable location, shall be provided if park is not furnished with indoor dryers or if use of indoor dryers is not customarily acceptable to prospective occupants. Where outdoor drying space is required or desired, individual clothes drying facilities on each lot of the collapsible umbrella type of hanging apparatus shall be allowed with park management providing a concrete-imbedded socket at each site.

17. All mobile homes within such parks shall be suitably connected to sewer and water services provided at each mobile home site, and shall meet the requirements and be approved by the Jackson County Health Department.

a. All sanitary sewerage facilities, including plumbing connections to each mobile home site, shall be constructed so that all facilities and lines are protected from freezing, from bumping or from creating any type of nuisance or health hazard. Running water from a State tested and approved supply, designed adequately from a minimum flow of two hundred (200) gallons per day per mobile home site shall be piped to each trailer. Sewer connection shall not exceed ten (10) feet in length above ground.

b. Storm drainage facilities shall be so constructed as to protect those that will reside in the mobile home park, as well as the property owner adjacent to the park.

18. Disposal of garbage and trash.

a. Any method used shall be approved by the State and inspected periodically by the Jackson County Health Department.

b. Adequate incinerators, if provided, shall be conveniently located so as not to create a nuisance and be designed so that combustible materials will be reduced to an odorless gas and inorganic ash under any weather condition.

c. Trash not burned shall be stored in a conveniently located similarly designed structure (s). The removal of noncombustible trash shall take place not less than once a week.

19. All electric telephone and other lines from supply poles, or other sources to each mobile home site shall be underground. The electrical system shall be of such voltage and of such capacity to adequately serve all users in the park at peak periods. When separate meters are installed, they shall be located in a uniform manner.

20. Any fuel oil and gas storage shall be centrally located in underground tanks, at a distance away from any mobile home site as it is found to be safe. All fuel lines leading to mobile home sites shall be underground and so designed as to conform with the Springport Township Building Code and any State Code that is found to be applicable when separate meters are installed, each shall be located in a uniform matter.

21. A buffer of trees and shrubs not less than twenty (20) feet in depth shall be located and maintained along all boundaries of such park excepting at established entrances and exits serving such park. When necessary for health, safety, and welfare, a fence shall be required. No fence shall be higher than six (6) feet in height to separate park from an adjacent property.

22. A recreation space of at least three hundred (300) square feet per mobile site in the park shall be developed and maintained by the management. This area shall not be less than one hundred (100) feet in its smallest dimension and its boundary no further than five hundred (500) feet from any mobile home site served. Streets, and parking areas and laundry rooms are not to be included as a recreation space in computing the necessary area.

23. All driveways, motor vehicle parking spaces and walkways within such parks shall be hard surfaced and adequately drained and lighted for safety and ease of movement.

24. Minimum widths of roadways within park shall be as follows:

Parking Minimum
Motor Vehicle Traffic Use Pavement Width

Parking prohibited 2-Way road 22 feet

Parallel parking, 1-Way road 21 feet
1 side only

Parallel parking, 1-Way road 31 feet
2 sides

Parallel parking, 2-Way road 42 feet
2 sides

25. Walkways shall not be less than four (4) feet in width excepting that walkways designed for common use of not more than three (3) mobile home sites shall not be less than three (3) feet in width.

26. When exterior television antenna installation is necessary, a master antenna shall be installed and extended to individual stands by underground lines. Such master antenna shall be so placed as not to be a nuisance to park residents or surrounding areas.

27. One (1) automobile parking space shall be provided within one hundred fifty (150) feet of each mobile home site. The mobile home park shall provide one additional automobile parking space for every two (2) mobile home stands.

28. No trailer designed for temporary or seasonal living shall be occupied in a mobile home park.

C. Mobile Home Subdivision:

1. All mobile homes to be erected as permanent residences in mobile home subdivisions shall meet the requirements of the Springport Township Building Code and shall be approved by the Zoning Inspector prior to erection on the lots.

2. Each mobile home approved for erection on a mobile home subdivision lot shall be mounted on a solid concrete apron no less than twelve (12) feet in width, sixty (60) feet in length and four (4) inches in thickness or a suitable foundation.

3. Lot areas where a mobile home is to be erected, altered, or used as a single-family dwelling shall contain not less than seventy-five hundred (7,500) square feet of lot area if the lot is served by a central sanitary sewerage system. Where a lot is not so served, there shall be provided a minimum of fifteen thousand (15,000) square feet or lot area for each mobile home.

4. The minimum lot width for lots served with a central sanitary sewerage system shall be sixty (60) feet. Where a lot is not so served, the minimum lot width shall be one hundred twenty (120) feet.

5. The maximum lot coverage shall not exceed thirty (30) percent.

6. Each lot in a mobile home subdivision shall have a front yard of not less than thirty- five (35) feet.

7. Each lot in a mobile home subdivision shall have two (2) side yards and the least width of either yard shall not be less than ten (10) feet, but the sum of the two (2) side yards shall not be less than twenty-five (25) feet.

8. Each lot in a mobile home subdivision shall have a rear yard of not less than twenty (20) feet.

9. No building or structure, or part thereof, shall be erected to a height exceeding fifteen (15) feet.

10. All mobile homes to be erected and used in a mobile home subdivision shall contain a gross floor area of not less than six hundred (600) square feet.

Adopted October 9, 1978